Coming Soon: the next step for ambitious documentary photographers

Today I posted the first announcement for a big new project I'm launching in the world. 

As a believer in Liz Gilbert's philosophy of "big magic", I've been "seeing" this idea for a while. It was just a flirtation at first but I found myself increasingly infatuated. This idea was really into me and I have to admit, I was elated. I introduced this idea to my trusted friends and they all felt this idea was the real deal, a match made in heaven. So we've made the leap. We're committed, the idea and I. 

The idea is an online magazine called Confluence Magazine, and it will be a home for the work of emerging documentary photographers. There are many like me, stepping into the world of photo documentary work, coming from backgrounds other than photojournalism. There are not many places to put our work out there and build connections with the editors and gatekeepers who can help get our work in front of wider audiences. 

I hope you will take a look here and learn more


Copy of CONFLUENCE.jpg
Katie Walls