Katie Jett Walls

documentary photographer | Washington, DC


Katie Jett Walls is a Washington DC-based photographer. Between commissions creating visual narratives for families and small businesses, Katie trains her eye and lens on stories that connect us as human beings.

The stories she sees are the stories that we have in common, but are lost unless we pause to see them, feel them and remember them.


I am a selfish artist.

After coming of age in a conservative home that valued separation from people different than us, photography is a way for me to reclaim my experience of the beautiful and diverse world I am a part of.


My family photography is influenced by traditional documentary work. All of my work aligns with my photojournalistic sensibility in that I want to tell the most accurate and authentic story possible, with photos that have emotion and power.

In each genre, the flash of an expression, a gesture, a twist of the unexpected, or a moment of connection hold a soulfulness that moves me to my core.


My photography is my way of honoring every person’s authenticity – from strangers on the street to my client’s families.

In honoring their authenticity, I come closer to knowing my own.