Hello, smart and capable mom!

yes, I mean you!

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 Imagine with me for minute:

You are the mom who can organize and pull off that “perfect”  family photo – the one where everyone is in the cute color-coordinated outfits you bought, sitting together lovingly in a lush meadow as a golden sun spills its rays of #blessed over the heads of your laughing children.

But there’s one problem:

You’re HERE because you like what you see - but there’s not one “family laughing in a lush meadow” photo anywhere here!

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Because you're also the mom who gets the kiddos out of bed in the morning, squeezes their sweet little bodies as they sit down at the table where you feed them breakfast, lunch, dinner and half a dozen snacks in between (which you’ll also have to wipe from their face later.)

You’re the woman kisses your spouse like you mean it, and finishes cold coffee on the back porch while the kids play, fight, cry, scream, explore, and do other kid stuff.

Those are the kinds of photos that I make.

Could it be, if you’re here, that those are the kind of photos you want?

(Hint: yes!)


Let me introduce you to the way I do family photography:

Where you'll never have to bribe a single kid to pose or threaten an early bedtime or resort to holding a phone playing “Baby Shark” over the camera lens to get them to smile.

Throughout my “I-cant-believe-it-was-that-easy”, ½ day signature session there is no pressure for anyone to behave a certain way.  I’m not going to make your kids do anything (and neither will you!). Because truthfully, I don't mind anything they do!

This is all about their personality, their connection with you, this moment in time, before they change again and you’re left wondering where the time went.  

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In our real day, ½ day session dudes love them too.  

(Maybe your family doesn't include a dude, and that's cool.)

But if it does you may be aware of the tendency for dads to not be really into family photo day.

Who can blame them: wear uncomfortable clothes, act Pinterest-level happy WHILE ordering the kids around, AND trying to ignore your not-too-subtle hints that he was less than helpful getting the goldfish cracker crumbs off the baby’s shirt.


honestly, I'm with Dad.

Let's go home.

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Hi, I’m Katie.

I am the best at making meaningful photos of your family right where you do your crazy real life thing: at home.

I come to you: no dragging the family out to a location they’re not into.

I also go anywhere with you: errands, soccer, dentist, laundromat, haircuts, ice cream shop, whatever floats your boat.


This is YOUR day. A real day.

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the real day signature session

A real day signature session is ½ day (4-5 hours) of time together, creating meaningful photos of your real day. You get your session + a 100 page hardcover photo book telling the story of your real day + video slideshow + all of your digital files via simple download + online gallery you can share with family & friends. 

the INVESTMENT starts at $997

Full details available by phone so click below to select the best time for me to call you.


Posed up, matching outfits photos will never capture the essence of your family.

Because it’s not how you live.  

Let’s make photos that shows how you do.

So you remember how you were, not just what you looked like.   


You deserve to celebrate what’s real in your life.  

Let's get together

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wait, what?!?!  

There's a lot of information being thrown down and if you scrolled right past it all here's what you need to know.

I can show you more photos, you can talk to me directly, or if you reaaaaally like what you see and want it for your own family photos, click that big beautiful middle button and I'll show you how.

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