Visiting the Bronx Documentary Center

I was in New York last week for three days, working on my project in Queens. My friend and subject, Kim, had an evening free and wanted to visit a friend in Harlem. With a little time to kill before that, he tagged along with me to the Bronx Documentary Center - an organization I've followed for a couple of years now, ever since I first started shooting street photography and began scratching my documentary project itch. You can read more about their mission and work here. 

We arrived with less than an hour left before closing to view the moving (and at times sad and disturbing) exhibit on journalists under attack in Mexico by both cartel violence and corrupt government officials. Powerful stuff - I wish I'd had a little more time to digest it all. 

I also had the unexpected pleasure of meeting a photographer that I follow on Instagram. By pure luck she was manning the gallery front desk. When I mentioned I was a photographer, she asked for my card, then recognized my name because she follows me too, and we had a wonderful little "In Real Life" meeting. Thanks, Coco (@coco_goodbyenewyork), for welcoming me to the BDC. And we're for sure getting coffee next time I'm in NY. 



Bronx Documentary Center.jpg
Katie Walls