For Better, For Worse: a love story in queens

(2018 - ongoing)

When I began my work with Kim and Mat, a gay couple in Queens, NY, I thought I was telling their love story. Mat lives with severe bipolar disorder, and Kim was facing an difficult medical diagnosis. In the time I've been working with them, the deep threads of their lives have enmeshed and interweaved around the story I am making. From facing eviction, to living with HIV/AIDS, to navigating a difficult and demoralizing bureaucracy meant to help people but often falling short – life is always more complicated than what we first perceive. Though their love story ended when Mat left in July, I continue my work with Kim because I feel it's important to bear witness to a life experience that many live – pushed close to the edge and acutely aware of the frailty of the safety net.  


Save our Souls: a broken recovery

In January 2018, photographers Katie Jett Walls (Washington DC) and Aniya Emtage Legnaro (Barbados) travelled to Puerto Rico to document the on-going affects of post-hurricane devastation on the lives of puertorriqueños living in marginal areas. 

En enero de 2018, los fotógrafos Katie Jett Walls (Washington DC) y Aniya Emtage Legnaro (Barbados) viajaron a Puerto Rico para documentar los efectos en curso de la devastación posterior al huracán en la vida de los puertorriqueños que viven en áreas marginales.

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 Meridian Hill Park Drum Circle

You can’t live in the DC neighborhood of Columbia Heights for long without knowing about the Drum Circle that gathers for several hours of intense and irresistible African and Native American drumming.  Since the 1950s, African Americans have been meeting together in Meridian Hill Park, in northwest Washington DC, to share the tradition of music making and dance. Crowds gather to watch, listen and participate. Whether you’re there for a connection to your heritage, for a spiritual experience, for the bliss of the exertion of freeform dance and group music, or simply to take in the vibes, it’s a good place to let your creative self take the lead. I photographed this series in the midst of the dancers and drummers, using a technique called free-lensing which produces dramatic focal shifts. This unexpected and varying focal effect gives me a visual interpretation of the ordered cacophony of the drum circle experience.