Take a look at a few photographers’ websites and let yourself linger wherever the photos really speak to you.

What you’re looking for is that sense of “Wow – I love this”, or as one mom put it:

“Everything else looks alike after I saw YOUR photos – there’s something different here and I want it!”

When you feel that feeling, you’ve found your creative match. Swipe right and let that photographer know you’re liking what you see. 

(Hint: you’ve just done that – you landed here and ‘swiped right’ = click on Step Two!)

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OMG! You did it! You clicked. This is getting exciting – can you feel it too?  

This is the part where we message a little bit. I’m not talking about cheesy one-liners and “U up?”

I’m talking about you and me connecting over what kinds of things you love the most in your perfectly imperfect life, from the dogs to the kids to the walks to the corner playground, or random metro rides, or farmers market sample smorgasbord. 

What is it that you want to see through the eyes of a great photographer?

What are you worried about seeing – because I’m going to help you with that too. 

Where do you want to see your photos when they’re done – a book, on your walls, shareable with family and friends? 

Grab the nearest “whatever you write stuff on” and jot down some thoughts. Or don’t – either way, I bet you’re ready to click Step Three.

Go ahead, it’ll feel so good.

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Bingo. You’ve done it. An amazing photography experience awaits you because you’ve got what it takes to get what you want. That’s step three: get what you want.

There isn’t going to be a better time – look at your babies: they’re growing up by the minute.

The things you love about your life right now will change and evolve and you’ll lose the chance to save this moment in time.

You’re not one to let that happen.

The Contact Me button awaits – fill out those fields and hit send, and pour yourself a drink – champagne if you’ve got it, but the last apple juice box will do in a pinch – and relax because you’re now on MY to-do list and I’m getting back to you ASAP.

I can’t wait to give you the photos you want. Talk soon!

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