when all you see are flaws

About a month ago a mom in Chevy Chase scheduled a session at home - but she was worried.

They had recently moved into their first house, after years of condo living, but there had been so many projects since moving in (new windows, meaning they couldn’t get to the painting as quickly as they had hoped, which meant rooms weren’t yet decorated the way she’d hoped…). 

I assured her that it’s ok -- this won’t be the only time they make photos inside their home, and it’s ok if this “stage” gets documented. Homes are almost always works in progress, evolving as we do. Needless to say, we had a great session. 

And her feelings about the pictures after she saw them were so great, I have to share

“We love our pictures. Thank you so much! I love how you manage to capture the bare walls in the boys’ room in a way that makes it seem intentional and minimalist, as opposed to ‘we haven’t figured out what we’re doing here.’ lol! They are beautiful as usual.”

Real life may not seem as perfect as we picture it in our head...but that doesn’t make it any less perfect. And in fact, maybe you will see things in a whole new light. Maybe you don’t look like you ‘haven’t figured out what you’re doing here’ at all! Just maybe, things look awesome and you never saw it properly until now. 

Let me share something I’ve learned from taking hundreds of photos over the years.

The things that we see as flaws are often the very things 

that give our lives depth and soul.


I understand it can be scary to see reality in pictures - you don’t want anybody to see those moments where you’re feeling like “a work in progress”, whether as a home-maker or as a parent or in your appearance. 

You and your family being authentically who you are without any pretense -- that’s precisely what gives the photos that heartstring tugging quality. 


Let me showcase the utter perfection hiding in those imperfect places.

When you book a family session with me, you will get all the digital files from your session + one fabulous tear-jerker, belly-laugher of a video slideshow + a beautiful hardcover photobook of your family story. Need something else - say the word and I’ll find it for you.

I want to change the way you see your little nest, your home. I want you to see love in every mess, humanity in every flaw, home in every photograph.

Contact me today to get more information on sessions and find a date that works for you.

Katie Walls