OLDER PROJECTS, completed.


The capital of the free world happens to be my home town. Our local news is everyone else's national news. What happens here happens in my backyard and on my streets and where I live my life. Here are the reactions of Washington DC's diverse residents, as well as those who visit us, to the new administration. 

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The Grief Girls

More than 11 million women in the United States are widows. Loss of spouse, and the cascade of events following, have negative impacts on health and longevity. This essay is the story of four women beating those odds. 

American Streets

In a world of big data, hashtags, and social media, one-on-one contact with our environment and the people that share it with us is dwindling. The inexorable change within cities as development shifts the dynamic of a street or neighborhood leaves in its wake a sense of loss-to-come. Connection to people and place, and reverence for what exists in the present, fuel my street photography. 


It started with a casual mention of my love of mugs. I was not alone. Whether one remembers when it was gifted to you, or it has a message/color/shape/weight that somehow comforts/inspires/delights you, regardless of it's shortcomings/stains/cracks/age, we have true affection for these vessels, as much for what they contain. How different from the vessels that contain our souls, our bodies, for which nearly every woman in this project apologized, reeling off its flaws and shortcomings and their own conflicted feelings. This project simply pairs the two vessels, in hope that we can love the one as easily as we love the other.